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Mitred Parakeet

Scientific Name: Aratinga mitrata

Species Authority: (Tschudy, 1844)

Common Names:
Mitred Parakeet
Mitred Conure

Native to:   Argentina, Bolivia, Peru

In California: Flocks of Aratinga can be found in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego. Easily distinguishable from the Amazons by their slender body, longer tail and higher-pitched calls, the Conures are an active group and find fun in everything they do. No wonder it isn't a surprise to find a stray Amazon among them -- they are a lively lot.

Did you know?

One parrot will be designated as the "look-out" for a small group up to a large flock. It is this parrot's responsibility to look out for the group's safety and alert the flock of impending danger. One little alarm call from the "look-out" will send his flock-mates flying or turn them into motionless statues without a flinch or a sound.






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