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There is no more precious a being than that of a baby bird and the baby parrot tops the list.

Once these little bundles of green feathers have left the nest, they will stay close to their parents as they learn how to be a fully fledged parrot. They are playful, fun-loving and ready to learn.

In a few short weeks, they will be indiscernable from the older juveniles of the flock, yet the innocence in their eyes will remain.

Soon they will venture away from the safety of their parents with other members of the flock, but will return to their parents in the evening with joyus enthusiasm from the day's events.

Their lives are full of wonder, adventure, excitement and an eagerness for the future.


Did you know?

Adult parrots training a youngster will fly up underneath him to keep him in the air. They do this to help him build endurance and also to guide him to a preferable location to land.






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